The elegance of hardwood

With all of the different species, colors, widths, and finishes of wood flooring, how does anyone make sense of it all? At Carpets Galore and Flooring we can make choosing the natural beauty of hardwood easy.

We have a huge selection of solid and engineered hardwoods in a multitude of styles, colors, and finishes. From traditional to hand-scraped, we can help you navigate to the perfect floor to compliment your individual style and taste. Our large “take-home” samples make it easy for you to visualize the natural beauty and characteristics of hardwood.

Other Hard Surface Options
While technically not hardwood, Carpets Galore and flooring has a wonderful selection of bamboo and cork. You won’t believe the selection of colors and styles available today! Visit our showroom!

Every employee plays a vital role in the completion of the project and satisfaction of the client, a responsibility that we at Carpets Galore and Flooring take a great deal of pride in.

Talented – Experienced – Accountable

Proper installation of a hard surface project is as important as the product. Our experienced and skilled staff delivers premium service to make sure that your final results offer as much quality as the product that you chose.

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